Nikola Corporation (NKLA) Stock Surges 8% on High Trading Volume


  • Nikola Corporation (NKLA) stock is up 8% on Tuesday with trading volume reaching 117.5 million shares, almost double its 100-day average of 60.5 million shares.
  • NKLA is trending on Yahoo! Finance, indicating its popularity among retail investors.
  • As of the time of publication, Nikola shares are trading at $2.53, reflecting an 8.65% increase.

On Tuesday, Nikola Corporation (NKLA) shares saw an 8.15% increase in trading, accompanied by nearly double the average trading volume. More than 117.5 million NKLA shares were exchanged, surpassing the 100-day average of 60.5 million shares. This surge in activity is noteworthy as the stock has witnessed a remarkable 110% increase over the past month.

The stock’s popularity extends to retail investors, with NKLA currently trending on Yahoo! Finance. However, it has also attracted the attention of short sellers, who have sold short approximately 19.15% of available shares. The combination of retail investor interest and short seller activity adds to the market’s intrigue surrounding Nikola Corporation.

As of the time of publication, Nikola shares are trading at $2.53, representing an 8.65% increase in value. The company’s recent stock performance and trading activity continue to generate interest and speculation in the financial markets.

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