Sky Mavis Partners with CyberKongz for NFT Collection Collaboration


  • Sky Mavis, the company behind the highly successful Axie Infinity game, has announced a partnership with CyberKongz, the creators of the Ethereum-based NFT collection Genkai.
  • The collaboration brings together two robust NFT communities and aims to further enhance the NFT gaming experience on Ronin, a marketplace known for its vibrant gaming community.
  • As part of the collaboration, CyberKongz will be transitioning its utility project, Play & Kollect, from Polygon to Ronin, ensuring seamless access to the Web3 ecosystem and gaming community.

Sky Mavis, the company known for the popular blockchain-based game Axie Infinity, has recently formed a new partnership with CyberKongz, the creators of the Ethereum-based NFT collection called Genkai. This collaboration brings together two strong communities in the NFT space and aims to expand the offerings on Ronin’s NFT marketplace, Mavis Market. Genkai, an anime-inspired art collection, will now be available on the Ronin platform, providing users with more diverse and unique NFT options.


Jihoz, co-founder of Axie Infinity and Sky Mavis, expressed excitement about the partnership, stating that they are thrilled to welcome CyberKongz to the Ronin ecosystem. The joining of forces between these two entities is expected to boost the NFT community’s growth and innovation. As both projects have gained significant popularity and success, this collaboration has the potential to bring new opportunities and experiences to users.


Additionally, the partnership entails CyberKongz transitioning its innovative utility project, Play & Kollect, from the Polygon blockchain to Ronin. This strategic move is aimed at capitalizing on Ronin’s vibrant gaming community and the broader Web3 ecosystem. By making this shift, CyberKongz aims to tap into a larger user base and enhance the overall user experience for their project, aligning with the growing trend of NFTs in the gaming world.


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