Snoop Dogg Ventures into Frozen Food with Dr. Bombay Ice Cream


  • Snoop Dogg collaborates with Happi Co., a consumer packaged goods company, to introduce Dr. Bombay Ice Cream, named after his NFT character.
  • The ice cream brand offers seven flavors, drawing inspiration from the West Coast lifestyle, reflecting Snoop Dogg’s origins.
  • Dr. Bombay Ice Cream will be available in 3,500 Walmart stores across the United States, marking a new chapter for both Snoop Dogg and Happi Co.

Renowned rapper Snoop Dogg is teaming up with Happi Co., a consumer packaged goods company, to venture into the frozen food sector with their new ice cream brand, Dr. Bombay. The inspiration for the brand’s name comes from Snoop Dogg’s NFT character, reflecting the fusion of digital and physical elements. Dr. Bombay Ice Cream will offer seven delicious flavors, such as Bonus Track Brownie and Syrupy Waffle Sundaze, and is set to launch in 3,500 Walmart stores across the United States.


Snoop Dogg shared his excitement for the venture, expressing that ice cream holds a special place for him as more than just a snack—it’s a way to unwind, relax, and experience happiness. The brand will feature Snoop’s sidekick, Dr. Bombay, as its name, face, and persona, symbolizing a significant personal connection for the rapper. Through this lifestyle brand, Snoop Dogg aims to create a successful legacy, starting with the introduction of their ice cream line.


The partnership between Snoop Dogg and Happi Co. marks a significant opportunity for both entities. Happi Co. CEO Sam Rockwell emphasized the alignment of core values between the collaborators, a crucial element in building a strong and fruitful partnership. Dr. Bombay Ice Cream seeks to embody the essence of the West Coast lifestyle, driven by Snoop Dogg’s influence, while leveraging Happi Co.’s experience in the consumer packaged goods industry to deliver a fresh and innovative offering to the frozen food market.


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