Mark Cuban’s Prescription Drug Startup and Aura Health’s Mental Wellness App Aim to Revolutionize Healthcare


  • Mark Cuban’s startup, “Cost Plus Drug Co.,” offers prescription drugs at cost with a fixed 15% margin, promising significant savings.
  • Harvard Medical School estimates the startup can save Medicare up to $3.6 billion per year, and reduce the financial burden associated with healthcare costs.
  • Aura Health’s all-in-one mental wellness app offers extensive content, coaching, and community support from therapists and coaches worldwide, with over 7 million users.
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Mark Cuban, a billionaire venture capitalist, has started a company named “Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Co.” in January 2022, which aims to shake up the prescription drug market in the United States. The US prescription drug market, valued at $365 billion, is known for its pricing inefficiencies, such as a single tablet of the Type 2 diabetes medication Metformin costing over $500 at retail prices. However, Cuban’s company is offering the same tablet for just $46.20, promising to significantly reduce prescription drug costs. Cuban has invested in and founded numerous startup companies over the years, but this is the only one that carries his name.

Mark Cuban’s company, the “Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Co.,” provides 350 prescription drugs at cost, plus a fixed 15% margin, which results in significant customer savings. By cutting out the middleman in the prescription drug industry, Cuban’s company negotiates directly with drug manufacturers instead of relying on health insurers. This allows the company to offer prices that are significantly lower than retail prices for many prescription drugs.

According to a study by Harvard Medical School, the “Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Co.” can save Medicare up to $3.6 billion in a year. While this is significant, there is an even greater opportunity to drive down healthcare costs by targeting the nationwide stress epidemic. The American Psychological Association estimates that stress costs the U.S. economy as much as $300 billion per year, with a large portion of this stemming from healthcare costs. Many households report high levels of stress and anxiety over the cost of medical treatment. By significantly reducing prescription drug prices, Cuban’s company could alleviate some of the financial burden and stress associated with healthcare costs, providing much-needed relief for many households.

The healthcare industry has seen a surge in innovative startups aiming to transform the sector, and one such example is Aura Health. This startup, established in 2017, has created an all-in-one mental wellness app that offers an extensive range of content, coaching, and community support from therapists and coaches worldwide. With over 7 million users, Aura is now the world’s foremost marketplace for mental wellness.

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