“Tesla’s Resilient Comeback: From Slump to Soar in 2023”


  • Tesla’s stock slumped by 65% in 2022 due to the economic impact of successive interest rate hikes, but the company began its recovery journey in 2023.
  • Facing supply-chain challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic and reduced consumer spending on pricier electric vehicles, Tesla leveraged its global production capabilities and scale to aggressively reduce EV prices, igniting a price war in the industry and reversing its stock’s downward trajectory.
  • Despite ongoing challenges, analysts remain optimistic about Tesla’s future, highlighting its partnerships, the upcoming Cybertruck launch, potential profit margins from full-self driving software, and licensing opportunities.

Tesla, Inc. has made an impressive comeback in 2023 after facing significant challenges in the previous year. The company’s stock slumped by 65% in 2022 due to the economic impact of successive interest rate hikes. However, things started looking up for Tesla as it faced supply-chain challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite these hurdles, Tesla shares reached a record high of $414.50 (split-adjusted) on November 4, 2021. But economic headwinds, such as inflation spikes and interest rate hikes, led to reduced consumer spending, particularly on higher-priced electric vehicles like Tesla’s. Increased competition in the EV market also affected Tesla’s sales volume, resulting in a low stock price of $104.64 on January 3. In response, the company aggressively reduced the prices of its electric vehicles, sparking a price war within the industry and successfully boosting sales volume.

Despite the challenges, analysts remain optimistic about Tesla’s long-term prospects. They highlight the company’s partnerships and the upcoming launch of the Cybertruck as key factors for potential growth. Moreover, Tesla’s full-self driving software and licensing opportunities are seen as potential drivers of profit margins. However, critics raise concerns about increased competition and potential plateauing in EV adoption, citing Ford’s F-150 Lightning price cuts as an example. Controversies surrounding Tesla’s full-self driving technology and doubts about its wider rollout are also under scrutiny. Nonetheless, Tesla currently holds a dominant position in the EV market.

Deepwater Asset Management’s Gene Munster believes that even if Tesla retains 10% of the market share in an all-EV auto market, it could achieve a $1.1 trillion business in a decade. Tesla’s stock has been soaring in 2023, with a remarkable 138% increase so far this year. As of Tuesday, the stock settled at $293.34, showing a 1.02% increase.

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