Insights on the Future of the Crypto Market, Web3, and Layer-2 Ecosystem from Mantle Network


  • The crypto market is projected to experience significant growth with a 15.81% CAGR from 2022 to 2027, driven by increased investments, accessibility to crypto wallets, and rising fintech spending.
  • The Web3 ecosystem is maturing, presenting an opportunity for industry players to contribute to a more progressive, transparent, and interconnected decentralized ecosystem.
  • Layer-2 solutions play a vital role in addressing scalability and high fees on the Ethereum network, enabling greater transaction throughput and reducing network congestion. Mantle Network is actively involved in building the Ethereum L2 network through its modular approach and innovative design.

Research firm Technavio predicts a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 15.81% for the cryptocurrency market between 2022 and 2027, with an estimated market expansion of around $1,815.78 million. The expected growth is attributed to increased investments in digital assets, improved accessibility to crypto wallets, and the rise of fintech spending. Igneus Terrenus, the head of communications and business development at Mantle Network, recently discussed the future of the crypto industry, the Web3 ecosystem, and the Ethereum and layer-2 spaces. Mantle Network aims to promote the mass adoption of decentralized and token-governed technologies.

In the interview, Terrenus highlighted that during periods of uncertainty in the crypto market, there is often increased innovation, especially among infrastructure builders who focus on fundamentals. As the Web3 ecosystem continues to mature, there is a critical opportunity for industry players to contribute to its development and create a more progressive, transparent, and interconnected ecosystem. Interoperability is crucial in the layer-2 ecosystem as it unlocks the potential of tokenized technologies and decentralized finance, enabling developers to create better products and platforms.

Layer-2 solutions, such as rollups, aim to address the high fees and network congestion on the Ethereum mainnet. By processing transactions off-chain, layer-2 solutions significantly improve scalability and reduce gas fees. This makes Ethereum more accessible to users interested in exploring the world of Web3. Terrenus mentioned that layer-2 networks have already demonstrated higher transaction throughput compared to the Ethereum mainnet, indicating their effectiveness in addressing scalability challenges.

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