Trump Discloses Post-Presidency Earnings of $1 Billion in Revised Filing


  • The updated financial filing discloses specific dollar amounts for nearly 100 sources of income, totaling over $1.2 billion.
  • The company behind Truth Social, set to merge with Digital World Acquisition Corp, generated only $1.2 million in advertising revenue, significantly lower than competing social media platforms.
  • The detailed disclosure of Trump’s post-presidency earnings provides a clearer view of his financial status, which has been a subject of controversy and speculation.

Former President Donald Trump recently disclosed new information about his post-presidency earnings, revealing that they amount to approximately $1 billion. The revised financial filing provides detailed dollar amounts for nearly 100 sources of income, totaling over $1.2 billion. These earnings come from various ventures, including foreign business ventures, speaking fees, and income generated by a Florida golf course. Trump also disclosed that his wife, Melania Trump, earned $1.2 million from speaking engagements. Additionally, the filing unveiled the payment of an additional loan on Trump’s Doral golf club in Florida, which was valued between $25 million and $50 million.

The significance of this disclosure lies in the fact that Trump Media & Technology Group, the company behind Truth Social, received only $1.2 million in advertising revenue. This amount is notably lower than what competing social media platforms like Twitter generate. The disclosure of Trump’s post-presidency earnings offers a clearer understanding of his financial status, which has been the subject of controversy and speculation. It sheds light on potential conflicts of interest and highlights unprecedented earnings from overseas business ventures.

These detailed financial disclosures provide valuable insights into Trump’s actual net worth and help identify potential conflicts of interest. The figures offer transparency regarding the significant earnings he has made from overseas business dealings, which is something unprecedented for a former president. The disclosure aims to inform the public about the flow of money and is seen as important information for Americans to be aware of.

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