Pepe Rivera: From Human Rights Activism to Cannabis Advocacy in Mexico


  • Pepe Rivera, an intellectual human rights defender, has been involved in social justice movements, including documenting human rights violations and advocating for drug policy reform.
  • He is the founder of Plantón420, a citizen movement demanding policy reforms for responsible cannabis use in Mexico, using civil disobedience and strategic litigation.
  • Pepe Rivera’s personal experiences with cannabis, including its use for pain management and its role in his advocacy work, have shaped his commitment to cannabis activism and justice.

Pepe Rivera, the founder of Plantón420 in Mexico, has a background in social justice activism, having worked as a photographer and coordinator for human rights organizations. He has been involved in documenting cases of human rights violations and advocating for drug policy reform. One significant experience was being part of a humanitarian caravan that crossed to the US, where they lobbied in Congress on issues related to arms trafficking, militarization, migration, and drug regulation.

Rivera’s interest in drug policy and cannabis led him to found Plantón420, a citizen movement demanding policy reforms for responsible cannabis use. Through civil disobedience and strategic litigation, the movement aims to exercise the right to self-cultivation recognized by the Supreme Court of Justice of Mexico. They have grown thousands of protest plants, cleared spaces for smoking in Mexico City, and achieved the liberation of the City of Oaxaca for cannabis consumption.


Beyond his activism, Rivera has deepened his connection with cannabis personally. He has conducted research, trained patients and doctors, and explored the plant’s therapeutic potential. Rivera’s journey with cannabis has transformed from recreational use to a call for justice. He consumes cannabis openly and finds it beneficial in his daily activities, feeling functional and focused. He emphasizes responsible consumption and adherence to guidelines in the #Plantón420 movement.

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