Survey Shows 47% of Investors Predict Ethereum to Surpass Bitcoin in Values


  • According to a survey, nearly half of the investors (47%) foresee Ethereum outpacing Bitcoin in value.
  • The report highlights the impact of the Merge in September 2022, which resulted in a net supply decrease of over 700,000 Ether, contributing to Ethereum’s positive trajectory.
  • Upcoming upgrades to the Ethereum network, including the anticipated “Dencun” upgrade and Uniswap v4, are expected to enhance smart contract efficiency, reduce costs, and potentially regain market share lost due to high gas fees, reinforcing the positive outlook for Ethereum’s future.

According to a recent survey reported by Cointelegraph, 47% of investors are optimistic about Ethereum’s future, anticipating that it will surpass Bitcoin in value. This positive sentiment is supported by Fidelity Digital Assets’ “Q2 2023 Signals Report,” which highlights several factors contributing to Ethereum’s potential growth. These include its higher burn rate compared to coin issuance, the momentum of new addresses being created on the network, and a rise in the number of network validators.

The report also points out the impact of the Merge, which occurred in September 2022, resulting in a net supply decrease of over 700,000 Ether. This event has likely contributed to Ethereum’s positive trajectory and investor confidence in the cryptocurrency’s value.

Moreover, the positive outlook for Ethereum is bolstered by upcoming upgrades to its network, such as the highly anticipated “Dencun” upgrade and Uniswap v4. These upgrades are expected to enhance the efficiency of smart contracts, reduce transaction costs, and potentially win back market share that was lost due to high gas fees. In particular, the inclusion of EIP-1153 in the next “Dencun” upgrade has generated significant excitement within the crypto community.

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