National Australia Bank Restricts Payments to High-Risk Crypto Exchanges Over Scam Concerns


  • National Australia Bank has implemented payment restrictions on select crypto exchanges categorized as high-risk.
  • NAB highlights that crypto scams pose a rapidly escalating security concern, costing Australians AUD 221 million ($151 million) in the previous year alone.
  •  NAB has not disclosed specific details regarding the affected crypto exchanges.

National Australia Bank Ltd. (NABZY) has joined other major Australian firms in imposing restrictions on payments to crypto exchanges deemed high-risk due to concerns over scams. The bank’s decision is in response to the increasing use of cryptocurrency platforms by organized, transnational crime groups to quickly send stolen funds overseas. NAB claims that crypto scams are a rapidly growing security concern, having cost Australians AUD 221 million ($151 million) in the previous year. Nearly half of the scam funds reported to the Australian Financial Crimes Exchange recently were associated with cryptocurrency.

While NAB has not provided specific details about the affected crypto exchanges, this move follows similar measures taken by other major Australian banks, including Westpac Banking Corp., Commonwealth Bank of Australia, and Australia & New Zealand Banking Group Ltd. These banks are all addressing the escalating threat of crypto scams. On May 18, Westpac became the first of the “big four” banks in Australia to introduce protective measures against such scams. Additionally, Binance Australia announced on the same day that it could no longer offer Australian dollar deposit services due to a decision made by payment solutions provider Cuscal, which aims to protect Australians from financial crimes and scams.

NAB’s restrictions reflect the growing importance of addressing crypto-related scams and protecting customers from potential financial losses. The actions taken by major Australian banks demonstrate the industry’s recognition of the need to mitigate the risks associated with cryptocurrency platforms and their susceptibility to fraudulent activities.

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