Exploring the Factors Behind the 5% Surge of Dogecoin’s “Killer” Coin


  • Shiba Inu saw the biggest intra-day gains on Wednesday, increasing by 5%.
  • The surge in SHIB price is likely due to the overall crypto market being in the green, as well as a partnership with the Bugatti Group.
Shiba Inu

On Wednesday, shiba inu news saw the biggest intra-day gains, increasing by 5%. This outperformed other popular meme coins by market capitalization, such as Dogecoin DOGE/USD Dogelon Mars ELON/USD.

The SHIB token saw a surge in its price recently, which can be attributed to two primary factors. Firstly, the overall crypto market was in the green, with Bitcoin surpassing the $18,000 level and Ethereum reaching the $1,400 mark.

According to shiba inu news SHIB recently partnered with the Bugatti Group, a renowned luxury brand that specializes in the production, promotion, and distribution of bags, purses, attaché cases, and other accessories.

DOGE, the largest meme coin by market capitalization, has seen an impressive 4.77% surge in its trading value, currently at $0.08. Despite this, the coin has yet to reach the $0.10 mark. According to CoinMarketCap, DOGE is the second top meme-coin gainer.

Dogelon Mars experienced a 3.58% increase in its value over the past 24 hours, ranking it third on the list.

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