BitVenus Receives Verification and Certification, Solidifying Its Position as a Trusted Cryptocurrency Derivative Trading Platform


  • BitVenus secures verification and star-level certification from and, underscoring its position as a trusted platform for cryptocurrency trading.
  • BitVenus holds licenses from reputable institutions such as FINTRAC and FinCEN, demonstrating its commitment to regulatory compliance and the security of user assets.
  • BitVenus boasts a top-tier team with expertise from leading cryptocurrency exchanges, ensuring exceptional customer service and market knowledge.

BitVenus, a prominent cryptocurrency derivative trading platform, has achieved significant recognition in the cryptocurrency industry. The platform has been verified and received star-level certification from reputable authorities such as and It has also achieved a notable ranking of 28th on’s CEX transparency ranking. These achievements further establish BitVenus as a trusted and innovative platform for crypto trading.

BitVenus’ verification and star-level certification from highlight its commitment to transparency, reliability, and trustworthiness. The platform takes pride in having its funds verified by a reputable institution and constantly strives to enhance its services to provide the best possible user experience. Additionally, BitVenus distinguishes itself from other platforms through licenses and regulatory compliance, a top-tier team with industry expertise, a dedicated liquidity team for optimal trading conditions, and a continuous commitment to excellence.


BitVenus is dedicated to delivering a secure and user-friendly trading environment, ensuring regulatory compliance and the safety of user assets. Its achievements and credentials reinforce its position as a leading digital asset trading platform. Users can rely on BitVenus as a trusted partner for navigating the cryptocurrency market. For more information, visit their official website at

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