Trump Criticizes Biden as “Very Stupid” and Accuses Him of Corruption


  • Trump, seeking a second term as president, accuses Biden of being a “stone-cold crook” and a “common thief,” while asserting that he refrained from attacking Biden more aggressively out of respect for the presidency.
  • Trump denies any wrongdoing in the investigations targeting him, including his alleged involvement in attempts to overturn the 2020 presidential election and mishandling of classified documents found at Mar-A-Lago.
  • The remarks by Trump allude to an ongoing House Oversight Committee investigation into corruption allegations involving the Bidens, with reference to testimony from Gal Luft, suspected of being a Chinese foreign agent.

In a recent interview with Wayne Allyn Root of Real America’s Voice, former U.S. President Donald Trump launched a scathing attack on incumbent President Joe Biden. Trump, who is considering a second presidential term, criticized Biden by calling him a “very stupid person.” Despite having the opportunity to go after Biden more aggressively, Trump claimed that he refrained from doing so out of respect for the presidency. However, he went on to label Biden as a “stone-cold crook,” a “common thief,” and a “lowlife.”

Trump, currently a front-runner in the polls for the GOP presidential nomination, is facing numerous investigations himself. These investigations include allegations of his involvement in an attempt to overturn the 2020 presidential election and mishandling of classified documents discovered at his Mar-A-Lago resort. Despite the investigations, Trump has consistently denied any wrongdoing and has accused the Biden administration of weaponizing the Department of Justice and federal agencies to target him politically.


During his remarks, Trump appeared to reference an ongoing investigation conducted by the House Oversight Committee. The committee is examining accusations of corruption involving the Bidens, with a particular focus on the testimony provided by Gal Luft, co-director of the Institute for the Analysis of Global Security in Maryland. Luft is also under suspicion of being a Chinese foreign agent.

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