Jeff Bezos’ Pancake Ritual & Extraordinary Life Revealed by Fiancée Lauren Sanchez


  • Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, has a simple breakfast secret – his weekly indulgence in Betty Crocker pancakes. Despite his vast resources, he takes on the role of chef each Sunday morning, carefully preparing a stack of pancakes with precise measurements.
  • Bezos’s fiancée, Lauren Sanchez, reveals a different side of his personality, sharing shared moments, laughter, and his continuous guidance, which she considers a “master class” in life.
  • Embracing their blended family, Bezos and Sanchez value a heartwarming tradition of gathering for family dinners on Saturdays, showcasing the power of love and unity in their lives.

In an exclusive interview with WSJ Magazine, Lauren Sanchez offered a glimpse into her extraordinary life with her fiancé, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos. Despite his vast wealth, Bezos has a surprisingly simple breakfast secret: he indulges in Betty Crocker pancakes every week. Sanchez revealed a different side of Bezos’s personality, sharing shared moments and laughter that only a privileged few have seen. The highlight of their Sundays is when Bezos takes on the role of chef, using the Betty Crocker cookbook to prepare a stack of pancakes he believes to be the best in the world.

Living with Bezos is a continuous learning experience for Sanchez, akin to a “master class.” Bezos’s guidance influences various aspects of their lives, whether it’s efficient meeting management or valuable input for Sanchez’s debut children’s book. Alongside his dedication to physical fitness, Bezos shares a love for aviation with Sanchez, who is a skilled helicopter pilot and founder of Black Ops Aviation. They often take to the skies together, embracing their shared passion for flying.

The couple also values togetherness, embracing their blended family and gathering for heartwarming family dinners on Saturdays. Beyond their individual backgrounds, their celebration showcases the power of love and unity. As Bezos aims to explore new horizons, he is determined to obtain his pilot’s license, further deepening their shared connection in the world of aviation.

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