Google and Taito Launch New AR Game Space Invaders: World Defense


  • World Defense launch: Google and Taito introduce an AR game that lets players hunt down space aliens and protect their city.
  • World Defense shares similarities with Pokémon Go in terms of discovering and hunting creatures in various neighborhoods, Google and Taito face the challenge of building a dedicated user base that rivals the cult-like following of successful AR games like Pokémon Go and Ingress.
  • Players can unlock power-ups, team up with others, and share achievements on social media in Space Invaders: World Defense.

Google and Taito, a subsidiary of Square Enix, have collaborated to release a new augmented reality (AR) game called Space Invaders: World Defense. The game allows players to hunt down aliens and protect their city by utilizing their smartphones. This launch commemorates the 45th anniversary of the iconic Space Invaders game. Available on both iOS and Android platforms, Space Invaders: World Defense offers a simpler gameplay experience compared to Pokémon Go, as players can eliminate aliens by pointing their phones at them.


Similar to Pokémon Go, players can explore different neighborhoods to discover and hunt new aliens. Google has integrated features such as special power-ups, team collaboration, and the ability to share achievements on social media. Additionally, players have the option to take selfies in Space Invaders-themed outfits. However, the success of AR games is not guaranteed, as evident from previous releases like Pokémon Go and Ingress being the exception rather than the rule.

Creating a dedicated user base is a challenge in the competitive AR gaming market. While Google and Taito aim to capitalize on the popularity of Space Invaders and leverage its nostalgia, they will need to go beyond the mere presence of aliens to attract and retain a significant player community. Establishing a passionate fan base like Pokémon Go’s will require innovative gameplay, engaging social features, and a strong marketing strategy.

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