Coinbase Revolutionizes the Crypto Landscape by Introducing Bitcoin and Ethereum Futures


  • The institution-sized futures contracts introduced by Coinbase offer significantly lower fees compared to traditional options.
  • Partnerships with FCMs and brokers: Coinbase has collaborated with leading Futures Commission Merchants, brokers, and front-end providers to ensure access to the futures contracts through robust trading platforms.
  • Capital efficiency: The introduction of these futures contracts aims to improve capital efficiency for institutions, allowing them to tailor their exposure and navigate the crypto market effectively.
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Coinbase Global Inc.’s Derivatives Exchange has announced its upcoming launch of Bitcoin (BTC/USD) and Ethereum (ETH/USD) futures contracts on June 5. These new contracts, called BTI and ETI futures, will allow participants to customize their exposure to these digital assets, providing flexibility in a rapidly changing market. 

Notably, these institution-sized contracts will come with significantly lower fees compared to traditional options. Coinbase’s decision to introduce these futures contracts aims to improve capital efficiency for institutions, reduce trading costs, and enhance accessibility and participation in the crypto ecosystem.

Coinbase is expanding its support for institutional clients by forming partnerships with prominent Futures Commission Merchants (FCMs), brokers, and front-end providers. These collaborations are designed to ensure seamless access to the newly introduced futures contracts through reliable trading platforms. 

Coinbase aims to empower institutional participants by offering them the opportunity to manage their cryptocurrency exposure with greater precision, express directional views, and efficiently track the performance of Bitcoin and Ethereum. The goal is to provide institutions with the tools and resources they need to navigate the crypto market effectively.

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